If you ever had an ingrown toe nail, you know how painful it can be. It hurts like hell, right? If you don’t treat your ingrown toe nail, you will have to surgically remove it afterwards. This can be both frustrating and costly. So it’s best to treat the ingrown toe nail sooner. Here are some home remedies to get rid of ingrown toe nails:

  1. Proper Diet – People who eat sweet foods are more prone to ingrown toe nails. So it’s best to avoid eating sweet foods until you get rid of your condition. Sugar weakens the cuticle of the toe which develops ingrown toe nail. So you should minimize the sugar content in your diet and invest in the best work boots for plantar fasciitis.
  2. Place a Cotton Roll – Another remedy to get rid of ingrown toe nail is to place something below the nail so that it continues to grow outside and not the inside. You should place a cotton roll or a wick beneath the toe and change it every day. This will straighten the nail and it won’t grow into the skin.
  3. Cut the toe nail properly – This is more of a caution remedy. You should always cut the toe nail in the straight direction and not curved. You should also use good quality nail clippers so that your nails don’t tear. Cut the nails short but not too short.
  4. Use White Vinegar – If you feel that the ingrown toe nail might get affected, add two tablespoon of vinegar in a bucket of hot water. Now put your feet in the water. The vinegar will stop the infection and prevent it from damaging your feet. For daily use, make sure you have the best work boots for flat feet.
  5. Hydrogen peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide is quite beneficial in healing ingrown toe nail. Just mix half cup of hydrogen peroxide in water and soak your feet in it for fifteen minutes. The toe nail will become soft which will reduce pain and prevent further infection. You can also put hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and apply it on your feet.
  6. Potassium Permanganate – An interesting to heal ingrown toe nail is to put your feet in a solution of potassium permanganate and water. Potassium permanganate acts as a natural disinfectant and prevents infection.
  7. Lemon – This is an easy remedy. Just cut a lemon in half and apply it on the affected area. Leave the lemon overnight.
  8. Removing The Nail – You can also partially remove the ingrown toe nail. You shouldn’t do this yourself but make an appointment with the doctor. Go to a qualified doctor, so that he trims the nail perfectly.
  9. Vicks VapoRub – This product is basically aimed at preventing cold and coughs but you can also use it to get rid of ingrown toe nails. It acts as an antiseptic which cleans off all the infections. Just apply this ointment directly on your nail and leave it for about 12 hours. You can apply it at night and wash it in the morning.
  10. Wear Sandals – You shouldn’t wear closed shoes without proper insoles and inserts as long as you have an ingrown toe nail but instead wear sandals. To better understand the situation, put yourself in the place of your toes. Would you like to be placed in dark room when you are sick? So the point is that healing process will speed in open air.

An ingrown toe nail can make you depressed. So follow these amazing remedies to get rid of ingrown toe nails.

Every person is different from the other. Everyone has different likes and dislikes but the truth is that when it comes to dealing with air pollution, we are all the same. Everyone hates the dust particles in the air. The place which is the most prone to dust are the basement apartments. The dust usually accumulates in the basement apartments instead of going to other places. Getting rid of basement apartment dust can be quite tricky. So this article will list some of the best air purifier for basement apartments.

Best Basement Apartment Air Purifiers:

Below is a list of some air purifiers which are best for basement apartments and small rooms:

Alen BreatheSmart Air purifier:

This advanced air purifier is fit for any basement apartment which covers about 110 square feet. It has a SmartSensor Technology in it which detects toxins and particles and manages the speed accordingly. It removes airborne particles, dust, mites, pollen and spores. There is a HEPA filter present in it which has the ability to remove particles as small as 0.3 microns. You can also customize the HEPA filter to remove all the different toxins from the air. There is also a safe ionizer in it which gathers small particles together to filter them quicker. Combined with its many features, the Alen BreatheSmart air purifier is one of the best basement apartment air purifiers.

The Honeywell 5020-S:

This air purifier is one of the highest selling air purifiers in the market. And there are many reasons behind it. First of all, it has an excellent HEPA filter for capturing smaller particles. This air purifier can cover space up to 390 square feet. It isn’t quite as aesthetic as other air purifiers but nevertheless, it is quite effective in eliminating basement apartment dust. It also has a round design which gives perfect 360 degree flow.

The only bad aspect about this air purifier is that it has a loud noise but it is bearable.

Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier:

If the above two air purifiers don’t fit your budget, then this is the right air purifier for you. It has the ability to clean medium to large rooms covering up to 465 square feet area. There is a carbon prefilter in the Honeywell HPA300 which helps in eliminating smelly odors from basement apartments. This air purifier is recommended as number # 1 for removing allergens. It removes about 99.7% of particles which are of 0.3 microns or larger.

GermGuardian AC4825:

The GermGuardian AC4825 can cover an area of 340 square feet and is perfect for use in basement apartments. It is one of the bestselling products in the market. It has the design of a tower. You can easily put them in the corners of the room without making much space for them. The life of this air purifier is up to 5 years.

It’s also a great option for getting the smoke smell out of your house:


Blueair 403:

The Blueair 403 is the forerunner of the Blueair 603 model but it isn’t any less effective. It covers an area of 365 square feet which makes it a good fit for large basement apartments. It uses the technology of HEPASilent Filters instead of using HEPA filters; this new technology has proven to be more effective.

The best air purifiers have been revealed. So you should buy these air purifiers to clean your smelly and dusty basement apartment.

Cystic acne, also referred to as nodulocystic acne, is known to be one of the most severe forms of acne vulgaris. If you discover that you’re suffering from cystic acne, you should probably make an appointment to see your dermatologist. If ignored, cystic acne can have a severe impact on the appearance of your skin.

Any delays in receiving treatment for cystic acne will increase your chances of developing permanent acne scars; cystic acne is much more damaging than other acne types.

There are, however, a number of great treatments for cystic acne that you can use at home, but it’s important that you first understand the nature and characteristics of acne vulgaris before trying to find a cystic acne home remedy for you.

Cystic acne forms when bacteria gets trapped within the pores on your skin. Typically this occurs when you have an over-production of sebum – a natural oil – and aren’t able to cleanse it off before infection sets in. By this point, you’ll have noticed that your skin surrounding the pore has become red and tender, painful to the touch.

While trying to pop the cystic pimple may be your first instinct, know that this is the last thing you want to do. Not only will it hurt, but it will also spread the pus and bacteria deeper into your skin, resulting in longer-lasting more severe acne. Instead, plan a trip to your doctor or try one of the proven effective cystic acne home remedies.

Now that that’s out of the way, next we need to discuss how to avoid those embarrassing permanent scars that so many cystic acne suffers are forced to live with through natural remedies for cystic acne:

  1. Count How Many Products You Use

Many people will try multiple different acne treatment methods at once – which is fine, as long as you’re watching out for the health of your skin. Too many different treatments that work by removing excess oil from your skin will leave you even more susceptible to future infections because of dry, cracked skin. Likewise, too many oil-based makeup products can have the opposite effective, leaving too much grease on your skin which will clog your pores even further.

  1. Be Careful of Medications

If you pay your dermatologist a visit, they’re likely to put you on a prescription cream or medication for your cystic acne. Make sure that you tell them about any other medications your taking, because the wrong combination of drugs could potentially make your acne vulgaris even worse.

Alternatively, if you’re taking a different medication and you notice it affects your cystic acne, let your doctor know. If a drug is making your complexion worse, there’s likely a number of alternatives your physician could put you on which are likely to have fewer side effects.

  1. Look into the Newest Treatments

We’ve seen huge progress over the past few years related to treating cystic acne. While some of the most effective options are far from the cheapest, techniques like laser therapy are showing huge results in even the most severe acne cases – including the popular tea tree oil cystic acne cure.

Wrapping It Up

Cystic acne is one of the most severe skin disorders out there, and if left untreated, it can cause permanent scarring all over the face, back, chest, and legs. So if you’re suffering from acne vulgaris, making sure to make an appointment with your dermatologist, or get started right away with a cystic acne home remedy.

Recent technological advances have caused huge changes in the health sector over recent years. The development of mobile technology has made it easier for patients to get proper quality care when they need it, without having to wait for an appointment or spend all day in the doctor’s office.

Thanks to medical mobile phone apps, as well as online doctor platforms, treating cystic acne from home has never been so easy. Just imagine, you don’t have to go out in public to see a dermatologist. All you have to do it switch on your phone or tablet, open up an app, and video chat with an actual doctor in real-time.

Currently, there are a number of great physician apps available for both Android and iOS devices. These programs can connect you directly with a dermatologist who can provide skin care advice and prescriptions right through your screen. You don’t need to physically go to their office – today’s modern cellphones are more than adequate enough to get a good diagnosis.

Still up in the air about using a mobile medical app for your cystic acne home remedy? Here are a few of their biggest benefits:


You don’t have to miss work, school, or anything else in order to find the time to visit a dermatologist. You can always contact an online dermatologist at your free – whenever it works for you. Online dermatologists reduce the hassle of having to physically visit a dermatologist at their place of work.


It is simple and easy to get cystic acne treatment from an online dermatologist. All the patient needs to do is create an account, uploaded photos of their skin, and quickly answer some few medical questions in order to get started. The online dermatologists will then go through the pictures and information to create a treatment plan.

On average you will receive a personalized treatment plan, diagnosis and a prescription within anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Safe and Secure

The apps and websites used by legitimate online dermatologists are always reliable and safe. All your personal information is kept private, just as if you were visiting any other doctor’s office or medical facility.

Faster Consultation

Utilizing an online dermatologist for your cystic acne means getting answers and treatment much sooner than if you had to wait for an appointment. When you have severe skin issues, you don’t want to have to wait any longer than you have to for them to go away, and while tea tree oil cystic acne cure can be effective, it’s no match for talking with a qualified physician.

Board Certified Physicians

All of the online dermatologists at legitimate companies are professionally certified doctors licensed to practice medicine in the United States. There are no any hidden fees and surprising charges with online dermatologists – a huge benefit over visiting a doctor in person.

Wrapping It Up

Technological advancements have transformed how most medical visits need to be conducted. Cystic acne online treatment helps patients because it saves them a lot of time and money in finding a treatment. For anyone who is ready to get rid of their cystic acne as quickly as possible, using an online dermatology app is one of the best decisions that they can make.

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Valentine’s Day looks like it’s right around the corner. If you’re wondering where to find the perfect gift for the lady in your life or you’re just looking for something for yourself, then why not look into some great fashion jewelry designs from QVC.com, or maybe even a Kanken backpack? I checked their jewelry merchandise and they’ve got a whole lot of great brands available, from Isaac Mizrahi, Barbara Bixby, and Hidalgo to Diamonique. Well, the list goes on.

QVC Fashion Jewelry: Find Silver Bracelets, Redeem Your Gold

Their jewelry departments range from youthful ladies’ ankle bracelets and charms to men’s cufflinks and watches. If you act fast, you may even catch some of their items on discount, including those with respectable reviews.

Check out the QVC Jewelry Section through this link.

What’s interesting about QVC is that their jewelry, and pretty much all the items on their site can be seen via video snippets that describe their items in full detail. For example, this Sterling silver bracelet with a sunflower design (Or Paz Sterling 7-1/2″ Sunflower Link Bracelet) is seen with an image and video, along with a full item description (hinged links, oxidized finish, foldover clasp, measures approximately 7-1/2″L x 5/8″W, made in Israel), helpful ratings (it’s a 4.6 out of 5, among customers and shoppers) and delivery date estimate (based on your postal code).

Sunflower Sterling Silver Bracelet

I also like the fact that the item can be viewed alongside similar jewelry and may be touted as part of the same “Sunflower style” set. So if you’re all for the bracelet, perhaps the ring and the pendant with chain may also be of interest, especially if you need the best flat iron for natural hair. A pretty set, to say the least!

Sunflower Ring

Sunflower Chain

The price for the bracelet is $125.00. If you find it a bit rich, you can still go for the pretty cute ring for $42.50 and the pendant with chain for $49.00.

As far as other goodies, there’s really so much to choose from. You can go exotic, check out their designer gallery, look fresh and fabulous with their fashion jewelry, build your own bracelet, and even go for whimsical designs. You can check out jewelry by type of merchandise, type of material (such as gemstone, gold, steel, sterling silver or gold-bonded) and brand.

Finally, there are some interesting aspects of the QVC Jewelry section you should explore: they’ve got the customized “Build-A-Bracelet” option where you can purchase clips, spacers, fashion beads, charms, gemstones and glass, and specify your own design. They’ve also got a “Gold Redemption” area where you can “turn your unwanted, old gold jewelry into cash”. Now this is some form of “cash for gold” offer, so be aware of the kind of trade you’re making before you go for it. You may even want to trade that gold for a good white noise machine. In some cases, the trade is not entirely equitable. Still, if you are seeking the convenience of easily getting rid of items you no longer desire and would instead want cash for it, then check out the Gold Redemption service. By the way, it’s also described as “award-winning”. On top of the cash you’ll receive, you’ll also receive a $25 QVC gift card. The Gold Redemption feature may be a limited time offer, so you may want to check it out right away.

All in all, I quite like the QVC jewelry section and have enjoyed checking out the lovely pieces there. At any rate, keep your eyes peeled for Valentine’s Day deals!

If you have a cat, you know that he loves you dearly by showing different gestures like waiting for you at the door, following you from room to room and helping you in household chores. But you need to keep the cat love you all the time and don’t let him go rogue. So if you have a cat which you love and he doesn’t love you back – especially if you don’t know why do cats spray, you should read this article.

Get the Basics Down:

The first step to get a car to love you is to let him recognize positive intentions by giving him food regularly and cleaning the litter box. When your cat is happier, you will be happier and this will strengthen your relationship – and you won’t have to worry about how to clean cat urine.

You also need to spend some extra time with your cat, so that he sees you not only as his owner but also as a friend and guardian. If the cat doesn’t come to hi to you every morning, just walk to him and be affectionate and loving. Here are some other ways to get a cat to love you:

Reward with Treats – If your cat doesn’t come near you, just put a treat in your hand and call the cat’s name. This will show him that you trust him and enjoy his company. However, you should be careful not to feed the cat with too many treats because they contain sugar content in them and can be harmful for the cat.

Show the Cat Love – It isn’t hard to get a cat’s love. But you need to do a few things to deserve it. First of all, you need to make a warm and comfortable sleeping place for the cat. A relaxing bed and comfortable cushions are a must. You need to give high quality diet to the cat and take him to the vet regularly; this will show him that you truly love him and he will love you back.

Interact at the Right Time – Cats are just like humans in the sense that at times, they need some space. You should allow him to clean in peace and sleep in peace because this will strengthen your bond with him. You should avoid to play with the cat when he is washing, eating or sleeping. It might scare the cat.

Snuggle – Cats love to snuggle. When they are on your lap next to you, they just love to purr. So when a cat is trying to snuggle, you need to snuggle him back by scratching behind his ear. Not only will the cat like you more this way but you will also be more relaxed and less likely to give you a reason to think about how to get cat pee out of carpet.

Never Punish Your Cat – Punishing a cat physically is of no use since he can’t make an association between his behavior and your punishment – even if you have a cat peeing on bed. Instead, if you see some negative behavior from the cat, just leave him in a room and stop interacting with him for some time. This will teach him a lesson.

What about Kittens?

If you have kittens, start by handling them well and playing with them as much as possible. Since they are with you all the time, they will be more social as adult cats.

Getting a cat to love you isn’t that difficult as you might think. All you have to show is that you really care for the cat and he will love you back.

air pollution

Over the past few decades, we’ve learned a lot about how the quality of the air that we breathe in affects our lungs and the rest of our body. While long considered to be a safe haven from the harmful pollutants found outdoors in some of the nation’s biggest cities, it’s recently been discovered that the air in our homes are equally as polluted as – if not more so than – the smog and haze in major metro areas.

But while there are a ton of great solutions out there – everything from cleaning more thoroughly to remove dust and heavier parties, to finding the best air purifier for smoke to clear out gasses as well – most people suffer through day to day life living with poor air quality. And this leads to multiple different, more serious health issues.

If we haven’t convinced you yet about the important of clean air in your home, here are a few other reasons that you should keep in mind:

Tired of Getting Sick?

If you find yourself getting sick often – more often than you’re used to – it may be the air quality in your home that’s dragging you down. Especially if you notice that most of your symptoms are related to your respiratory system. Ready to stay healthier, longer? Maintain high levels of air quality and you should see an improvement in no time.

What About Your Children and Pets?

You aren’t the only one who has to live with all of the pollutants in your home’s air. When there’s a problem, but your children and your pets are also subjected to the contaminants. Even worse, both of these groups are typically closer to the ground than we are, meaning that they’re breathing in the worst of the worst. To keep things safe for your kids and animals, make sure to vacuum extra well to remove any dust and particles trapped in your carpet.

Time for More Energy

Do you find yourself tired all of the time? When we aren’t breathing in good oxygen, our lungs don’t have the power to keep us active and energetic. By reducing the amount of pollution that your body is absorbing you’re able to boost your energy levels and see a big different in your ability to run and stay active for longer periods of time.

Thing About the Long-Term Benefits

Sometimes you need to just sit back and look at the big picture. Over the long-term, you’re going to experience much lower doctor’s bills and less money spent on over-the-counter breathing solutions. You’re also going to be happier and all around in a better mood. Even if you don’t notice, poor air quality can put a real damper on your life in more ways than one. Live long and healthy by keeping your home clean.

At the end of the day, cleaning up the air in your home should be one of your biggest priorities. That’s because there’s nothing more important than our bodies and we should be doing everything we can to keep them in good working order.


If there is one thing I’ve learned about New Yorkers, it’s that they want to get the hell out of New York. Maybe not forever, but with sunny beaches just a couple of hours away in New Jersey and the Hamptons, who among us can resist the urge to pack up and roll out to the suburbs for a weekend or two? Not I of course!

Going Down

People often say that there’s nothing better than having a beach house, except for having a friend with one. In my case, it’s my uncle who resides on Long Beach Island in New Jersey who provided me with a much needed place to crash for the weekend. So I headed up to the bus station and grabbed a ticket. The bus ride is $31 round trip and takes about 1.5 hours each way, but to go the distance you really need a car. Fortunately I got picked up from the bus station by my uncle and an hour later we were on the Island!

Having Fun on the Island

There are lots of ways to have fun on LBI, but the most obvious one is right in the name, the beach. The island is approximately 18 miles long, and almost every inch of the sea side is covered in sandy beaches. Lifeguards supervise until 5pm and make you wear a beach badge, but after that, it’s all open sand and surf. So go ahead and play paddle ball, take a walk, or a little dip by moonlight if that’s your fancy.

There’s still more on the bay side, with sailing, motor-boating, water-skiing and jet-skiing available for rentals as short as an hour or as long as a full day if you’d like. I wouldn’t recommend bay side swimming however, as the beaches on this side of the island are sometimes slimy with silt and seaweed, and often host considerable numbers of horseshoe crabs.

If the water isn’t really your thing though, the island still has plenty to offer, including a cool little amusement park called Fantasy Island, complete with a giant ferris wheel, bumper cars, funnel cakes and an arcade with skeeball (oh yes, it really is the Jersey Shore). Right next door to that is a giant waterslide and an 18-hole mini-golf course, one of many on the island.

How I Spent My Time

Drinking at the Sea Shell Hotel right on the beach, sunbathing and reading on the sea side sands, swimming in the still chilly coastal waters, eating pizza and assorted Italian meats and cheeses, playing shuffle board, and enjoying the company of a beautiful girl.

The Bottom Line

While this was perhaps my best weekend of the entire summer thus far, there are several key barriers to overcome in getting here. First, you need a car to get onto the island, and second, you need a place to stay, and with the booming tourist industry, this will be neither cheap, nor easy unless you already know someone with a place here. If you can manage the trip however, you won’t regret it. Go ahead and splurge (you’ll have to, since the island is somewhat expensive) and enjoy everything LBI has to offer, including great seafood, beaches, bars, and even some good old fashioned family fun.


Where the Old World and New World Grow Together

Looking for a great place to take your entire family? If you happen to be on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, you need to make sure that you check out the Elizabethan Gardens. In addition to the sites constant garden exhibitions, there’s also always some great traveling exhibits and shows to watch in their indoor air-conditioned theatre. Just remember to bring your kanken backpack stocked with waters to avoid paying on site!

A few of the highlights of Elizabethan Gardens include:

  • A Living Classroom for the Entire Family
  • Vibrant horticultural displays
  • Renaissance Statuary
  • Beautiful views of Roanoke Sound
  • Activities, workshops and demonstrations
  • Gift shop featuring
    • Home and garden décor, books, puppets & games
    • A wide variety of herbs, perennials and flowering shrubs

Don’t miss our Family Fun Summer Series in our air-conditioned theatre!

The Diary of Adam and Eve – Tuesdays, July 8 – August 12

While parents and teens enjoy The Diary of Adam and Eve, a one-act play from the Broadway musical The Apple Tree, younger family members can enjoy a concurrent program, A Snake in the Grass.  Children will go on a fun-filled exploration where they will discover The Elizabethan Gardens as they investigate and solve a funny mystery.

Based on a short story by Mark Twain and set to words and music by the team of Harnick and Bock who created Fiddler on the Roof, this light comedy is the perfect story for a garden setting.  The Apple Tree is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI) and performed in partnership with Elizabeth R and Co.

Wild Wednesdays – June 11 – August 13

Wild Wednesdays are hosted by Jeff Lewis, a long-time employee of The Elizabethan Gardens, is well known for his nature photographs.  Recognized as one of the best amateur ornithologists on The Outer Banks, Lewis picked up a camera several years ago to document sightings of rare birds.  Lewis will be showing and describing stunning photographs in his weekly programs.  Topics include: birds and fauna, predators and butterflies of The Elizabethan Gardens.

Discovery Thursdays – June 12 – August 14

Discovery Thursdays include unique and interactive activities that families will enjoy together.  Age appropriate table top projects include postcard leaf rubbings, woodland collages, rose petal bracelets and making sundials.  These and other activities will use fun lessons in nature to help gain further understanding and appreciation of The Elizabethan Gardens.

All Family Fun activities are at 2:30pm.  Programs are free with paid admission to The Gardens and made possible in part through support from Dominion Power.

Open year ‘round on Roanoke Island

Located within Fort Raleigh National Historic Site.

Beside Lost Colony’s Waterside Theatre.