July 2016


Who doesn’t love to get something for less…or for nothing? Here are more coupons, online deals and free stuff online to help you save money all week on the best sleep mask!

Fabulous Freebies

If you’re like me, you need coffee to start your day. Get your morning java for free for six days! Six single servings of Nescafe Taster’s Choice 100 percent Colombian coffee are free when you check out the information here then click on Try It On Us! Even if you registered for samples at Nescafe in the past, you can still get this fabulous freebie! Now if you’d like to continue enjoying top of the line coffee, you can try out gourmet coffee recipes and make your own Starbucks drink while wearing youth baseball gloves.

Free Nescafe Taster’s Choice

Are you a bride-to-be or someone who’s renewing your vows? Or you may know an engaged couple. If so, then this is a great freebie for the bride-to-be in your life. Get a complimentary bridal tote from Christina Wu as featured in InStyle Weddings Winter Issue 2010. This offer is only good while supplies last, so visit Christina Wu and enter promotion code CW to get your beautiful bridal tote.

Cool Coupons

Printable coupons can be taken right to the retailer for immediate discounts. Coupon codes are entered at checkout when you shop online. Either way, coupons make a sweet deal even sweeter, even without a food steamer:

Save 55 cents off Old El Paso green chilis when you click here. Add extra flavor to chili, side dishes, appetizers and more!

Do you love shoe shopping? I do! Even if you’re not a shoe shopper, everyone needs new shoes to stay on their feet. Shoebuy.com offers great deals on footwear from major manufacturers including Crocs, Rockport, Reebok and Skechers. Save $5 off a purchase of $50 or more at Shoebuy.com when you enter BUY5 at checkout.

If you enjoy Italian cuisine as much as me, you know Contadina offers superior products for cooking a delicious meal. Click here to save 75 cents off any Contadina product.

Darn Good Deals

There are websites that offer darn good deals all the time. We will highlight a website featuring ongoing deep discounts or freebies here, on a regular basis. If you’re lucky, you may even find a deal on a two wheel scooter!

If you love to see your mailbox jammed full of freebies, check out Start Sampling. Not only do you receive free samples of the latest goodies, you also earn “Frequent Tryer Miles” for sampling them. You can redeem your miles for cool prizes. Current samples offered at Start Sampling include Sponge Bob Cream of Wheat and L’oreal EverPure.

Designer Deal of the Week

I love designer shopping but don’t love the prices. If you enjoy the finer things in life but don’t want to break your budget, you’ll want to check out our designer deal of the week.

Are you tired of endlessly foraging clearance racks or sifting through outlets for deep designer discounts? You’ll appreciate the ease of shopping for discounted designer goods at Rue La La. From Lenox to Kenneth Cole to Vera Bradley and more, you’ll find the hottest designers for less at Rue La La. To join for free with no obligation to make a purchase, click here for an invitation to gain access to some of the best discounts at Rue La La.


Valentine’s Day looks like it’s right around the corner. If you’re wondering where to find the perfect gift for the lady in your life or you’re just looking for something for yourself, then why not look into some great fashion jewelry designs from QVC.com, or maybe even a Kanken backpack? I checked their jewelry merchandise and they’ve got a whole lot of great brands available, from Isaac Mizrahi, Barbara Bixby, and Hidalgo to Diamonique. Well, the list goes on.

QVC Fashion Jewelry: Find Silver Bracelets, Redeem Your Gold

Their jewelry departments range from youthful ladies’ ankle bracelets and charms to men’s cufflinks and watches. If you act fast, you may even catch some of their items on discount, including those with respectable reviews.

Check out the QVC Jewelry Section through this link.

What’s interesting about QVC is that their jewelry, and pretty much all the items on their site can be seen via video snippets that describe their items in full detail. For example, this Sterling silver bracelet with a sunflower design (Or Paz Sterling 7-1/2″ Sunflower Link Bracelet) is seen with an image and video, along with a full item description (hinged links, oxidized finish, foldover clasp, measures approximately 7-1/2″L x 5/8″W, made in Israel), helpful ratings (it’s a 4.6 out of 5, among customers and shoppers) and delivery date estimate (based on your postal code).

Sunflower Sterling Silver Bracelet

I also like the fact that the item can be viewed alongside similar jewelry and may be touted as part of the same “Sunflower style” set. So if you’re all for the bracelet, perhaps the ring and the pendant with chain may also be of interest, especially if you need the best flat iron for natural hair. A pretty set, to say the least!

Sunflower Ring

Sunflower Chain

The price for the bracelet is $125.00. If you find it a bit rich, you can still go for the pretty cute ring for $42.50 and the pendant with chain for $49.00.

As far as other goodies, there’s really so much to choose from. You can go exotic, check out their designer gallery, look fresh and fabulous with their fashion jewelry, build your own bracelet, and even go for whimsical designs. You can check out jewelry by type of merchandise, type of material (such as gemstone, gold, steel, sterling silver or gold-bonded) and brand.

Finally, there are some interesting aspects of the QVC Jewelry section you should explore: they’ve got the customized “Build-A-Bracelet” option where you can purchase clips, spacers, fashion beads, charms, gemstones and glass, and specify your own design. They’ve also got a “Gold Redemption” area where you can “turn your unwanted, old gold jewelry into cash”. Now this is some form of “cash for gold” offer, so be aware of the kind of trade you’re making before you go for it. You may even want to trade that gold for a good white noise machine. In some cases, the trade is not entirely equitable. Still, if you are seeking the convenience of easily getting rid of items you no longer desire and would instead want cash for it, then check out the Gold Redemption service. By the way, it’s also described as “award-winning”. On top of the cash you’ll receive, you’ll also receive a $25 QVC gift card. The Gold Redemption feature may be a limited time offer, so you may want to check it out right away.

All in all, I quite like the QVC jewelry section and have enjoyed checking out the lovely pieces there. At any rate, keep your eyes peeled for Valentine’s Day deals!


If you have a cat, you know that he loves you dearly by showing different gestures like waiting for you at the door, following you from room to room and helping you in household chores. But you need to keep the cat love you all the time and don’t let him go rogue. So if you have a cat which you love and he doesn’t love you back – especially if you don’t know why do cats spray, you should read this article.

Get the Basics Down:

The first step to get a car to love you is to let him recognize positive intentions by giving him food regularly and cleaning the litter box. When your cat is happier, you will be happier and this will strengthen your relationship – and you won’t have to worry about how to clean cat urine.

You also need to spend some extra time with your cat, so that he sees you not only as his owner but also as a friend and guardian. If the cat doesn’t come to hi to you every morning, just walk to him and be affectionate and loving. Here are some other ways to get a cat to love you:

Reward with Treats – If your cat doesn’t come near you, just put a treat in your hand and call the cat’s name. This will show him that you trust him and enjoy his company. However, you should be careful not to feed the cat with too many treats because they contain sugar content in them and can be harmful for the cat.

Show the Cat Love – It isn’t hard to get a cat’s love. But you need to do a few things to deserve it. First of all, you need to make a warm and comfortable sleeping place for the cat. A relaxing bed and comfortable cushions are a must. You need to give high quality diet to the cat and take him to the vet regularly; this will show him that you truly love him and he will love you back.

Interact at the Right Time – Cats are just like humans in the sense that at times, they need some space. You should allow him to clean in peace and sleep in peace because this will strengthen your bond with him. You should avoid to play with the cat when he is washing, eating or sleeping. It might scare the cat.

Snuggle – Cats love to snuggle. When they are on your lap next to you, they just love to purr. So when a cat is trying to snuggle, you need to snuggle him back by scratching behind his ear. Not only will the cat like you more this way but you will also be more relaxed and less likely to give you a reason to think about how to get cat pee out of carpet.

Never Punish Your Cat – Punishing a cat physically is of no use since he can’t make an association between his behavior and your punishment – even if you have a cat peeing on bed. Instead, if you see some negative behavior from the cat, just leave him in a room and stop interacting with him for some time. This will teach him a lesson.

What about Kittens?

If you have kittens, start by handling them well and playing with them as much as possible. Since they are with you all the time, they will be more social as adult cats.

Getting a cat to love you isn’t that difficult as you might think. All you have to show is that you really care for the cat and he will love you back.