America These Days


What has America come too these days? Is this America that we live in today in the year 2009, what our founding fathers would have envisioned for the nation they created? Honestly, I am an American and I am proud to be one, first off. However I am simply embarrassed by the reprehensible behavior of the past administration. From the so called “war on terror” to the “Iraq war” to “Katrina to “The torturing of enemy combatants.” What have we become, we used to be respected, admired and were looked to as the leader of the world and now we are simply hated, despised and a joke too many. The war in Afghanistan for example, yes, is a “valid” war we should be fighting. But we should not be fighting it 8 years later.

What has this war accomplished? Yes, we removed the Taliban from power, but we failed to capture Osama Bin Laden, the main target and the main reason for the war. We have accomplished very little there in 8 years, other than loose many brave men and women in the line of duty. The Iraq war should never have been fought, the made up intel and lies our president feed to the world to justify his war, only hurt us and doomed us to be stuck in a quagmire. He went in there and tore down a country, based on lies and half-truths but had no plan to rebuild and get out. Let’s look at history, every great nation, empire and kingdom all fell because of this. They all over extended themselves, fought useless and needless wars and broke the backs of their economies.

We have even resorted to torture, a violation of the Geneva Convention, a treaty by which we signed. But with the bush administration, they did away with the treaties and laws that were inconvenient for them and their agendas. That’s not my America and now we have these wacked out loony tune ultra conservatives talking of succession? What kind of person who claims to call him or herself an American would ever advocate for succession? So you lost the election soundly and now you’re bitter and angry but that is not the way to go about it. Get over it and move on, check your feelings at the door. I am an American who intends to take back his America.

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