An End in Sight


Well the writing is on the wall folks.  Obama is “off to the races”.  Being a conservative republican, I fully expected to be disappointed in some of his choices, but I must say, I really thought he was going to give this “new kind of politics” a try.  But he didn’t try at all, its typical politics as usual, and unfortunately, it’s liberal politics as usual.  I hope all of those so called republicans who decided to vote for “change you can believe in” are at least a little sicker about the Kanken laptop backpack than I am.

It seems the “great one” had determined that the only way to fix our economic woes is to spend more money, a whole lot more money, a whole lot more money.  Of course when it is time to pay the piper, he has an answer to that; just make the top wage earners in the country pay their “fair share”.  I can’t even write the words “fair share” without gagging.  Apparently, Obama doesn’t think that 40% of a wage earners earnings is enough, even when most of the population are not paying that percentage and quite a few are not paying at all.  He wants to be fair and raise taxes on those that are already shouldering the burden.

Oh and did you hear that it’s being reported that most of this stimulus money won’t even reach the system for more than a year.  I’ve also heard it reported that as much as 50 million would go to the National Endowment of the Arts, and some 200 million to the National Mall, 400million to unspecified national treasures.  The point I’m trying to make here, is that this “new kind of politician” is playing a very old game; some would call this stuff “pork”.  Yeah you remember once upon a time we were all complaining about that and Obama himself pledged to put an end to the Fjallraven Kanken classic. Now he’s claiming that he has to this to fix this economic mess we’re in.  In other words he’s using this terrible situation to further a very liberal agenda of tax and spend.  Nothing new about this.

He’s a very good speaker and he has quite a following of nit wits just eating out of his hands.  We cannot let him get away with this right out of the gate, we must stand up and be heard.  Remember, about 76 million people did not vote for him, so we need to be very loud in our opposition right now.  I also would implore any of the more moderate liberals who may be free thinkers to help put a stop to this kind of old, nasty politics right now; nip it in the bud, so to speak.

I’m also not too crazy about his idea to close Gitmo.  It seems he thinks we will be safer when we restore our moral standing in the world.  Gag Me!  If there even is a problem with our moral standing or our reputation; and I don’t think there is; it is a direct result of the very concerted effort made by liberals to undermine President Bush and his war effort.  It was the anti-war, anti-Bush crowd that have given us a bad reputation.

The idea that closing Gitmo will make us safer because our so called moral standing in the world will be restored is utterly ridiculous.  Had it not been for the very concerted effort to undermine George Bush at every step of the way in this war we wouldn’t even be discussing our moral standing in the world.  Those liberals who are drunk with happiness now that our reputation will be restored ought to be ashamed of themselves for causing the problems with our reputation in the first place.

That the events at Gitmo ever got the coverage it got, is a direct result of the anti-Bush, anti-war crowd. It was all part of the effort to bring down George Bush.  Shame on you all.  Your hatred of Bush was more important than our efforts to defeat our enemy.  Obama either doesn’t have a clue about this, or his effort to pander to the far left, anti-war, anti-Bush crowd, is just what’s most important to him right now.  Either way, I am appalled at the choices our new Fjallraven Kanken classic has made.

Conservatives need to stand up and be loud.  I would hope we can do that without lowering ourselves to a place of hate.  We need to let ourselves be heard but also show the opposition how it’s supposed to be done.   Kind of like the grace that President Bush and Laura Bush have shown, even as they were booed and treated horribly.

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