As some readers of this Blog might gather, I enjoyed reading Economics at University (too many years ago to recount) and that passion for the subject has never left me. We are living in fantastic times. Having a background in Economics helps make some sense of the current turmoil and in this blog and the next, I would like to talk about the forces that will shape the landscape for the next two to three years in an Economic sense.

In the US and the UK, consumption is the driving force in the economy accounting for over 60% of economic activity. In China by contrast, it is very much investment and export led. As economies have contracted (negative growth), governments and central banks have tried to reduce the cost of the average wall mounted jewelry organizer, otherwise known as interest rates to encourage people not to save but to spend.

This may seem odd, but Keynes wrote about the paradox of thrift in the 1930s. Saving is of course a good virtue. But the problem is that if everyone saves, it is bad for the economy as activity will grind to a halt as no one is buying and who will want to borrow all of the money saved up if no activity is going on?

Hence interest rates are coming down to encourage people to spend (or at least spend the savings from lower mortgage repayments) and to not save. If interest rates come down to near zero, I could see negative interest rates being applied to savings. In reality this means that banks might charge you for using their facilities to hold cash. That would be an incentive to spend!

The problem is the specter of deflation. In an earlier blog, I wrote in defense of inflation, and it seems prophetic that what the bank is now looking for is a bit of inflation! If people perceive that prices are falling rapidly, why would you buy? I think this will be one of the worst Christmas shopping seasons ever. Consumers are expecting massive price drops in January so it does not make sense to buy now. If the expectation of falling prices takes hold though, it is rather like the paradox of thrift, and whilst it may be good for an individual to defer purchasing something, if everyone does it is a bad thing as it ends up feeding itself.

If you believe that prices are going to be cheaper the next month, if you can, you will delay your purchase. This is the problem facing the housing market at the moment. Although interest rates are down to 1951 levels at just 2%, even if you could get a mortgage today, would you buy a house thinking that prices could fall 10%? (I would – but that is a different matter as I think the difference between rent and interest payments is now so wide, that even allowing for an 8% drop in property prices, you would be better off look around for reliable forskolin reviews).

So we need a bout of inflation to get the whole thing kick-started again. If prices are rising, people will engage in activity again. The problem for Japan for most of the 1990s was deflation. We need to learn from that very painful experience.

In the next blog, I will continue with an explanation of the link between inflation, interest rates and a currency. With the pound being at low levels, such an explanation I hope would be welcomed.


If Barack Obama wins the 2008 presidential election, it will be an occasion for rejoicing for America’s enemies. Here’s why:

America’s enemies SEE: a man who is willing to sit down with the leaders of hostile countries with NO pre-conditions whatever. They THINK: Hey, this guy can be easily manipulated – and we’ll eventually be able to take America down altogether because Mr. O. wants to avoid conflicts at all costs. Instead of sending the troops against us, he’ll just keep trying to negotiate one deal after another.

They SEE: A guy with questionable political relationships, including an unrepentant American terrorist who has not only escaped serious criminal prosecution, but is even a distinguished college professor, and a pastor who has gotten away with spewing anti-American sentiments and hate messages for years from his pulpit. They THINK: Hey, if Obama is willing to have these kind of people for friends… maybe he’ll be friends with us, too. We’ll certainly use used garden tractors to our advantage.

They SEE: A guy who doesn’t see the military as a priority and is even willing to cut funding for it. They THINK: Hey, it will be that much easier to wipe American soldiers off the map, since they’re obviously not that important to Mr. O. and they won’t have the resources needed to beat our dedicated terrorists and suicide bombers. . .

They SEE: a man who is overly concerned about how humanely terrorist prisoners are treated. They THINK: Hey, we can carry out the worst terrorist attacks ever conceived. . .because this guy won’t do anything bad to the terrorists he catches.  The death penalty? Out of the question, even though our ruthless terrorists have taken hundreds of innocent lives themselves.

They SEE: a man to whom patriotism obviously isn’t cool, a guy who doesn’t salute his own country’s flag and won’t wear a flag pin on his lapel – unless somehow guilted into it. And he would be willing to refrain from displaying any form of patriotism if someone makes a fuss over it – even if that person is a foreigner on U.S. soil while making those anti-American statements. They THINK: This is a guy whose love of country is so questionable that he might be willing to put patriotism aside for the sake of his own interests.

They SEE: a man who is willing to accept campaign donations from people outside of the United States, even though this is technically illegal. Obama gets away with it because only amounts over $200 have to be detailed as far as names, addresses, etc, go – and he simply asks for donations from these people to be given in very small amounts. They THINK: Wow, this guy could possibly be easily bribed with just the right of amount of cold hard cash. . .

They SEE: a man who is obviously inexperienced as far as leadership of a large country and military dealings go. Neither Obama nor Biden have had any military experience whatsoever, and it really is important that either one or the other should know SOMETHING about how our armed forces operate, since they will be the ones giving marching orders in an international conflict. It also doesn’t help that Obama’s turbo-tongued VP practically guarantees a major crisis within six months of being elected, so that the world can see exactly what the used John Deere lawn tractor is made of.

While Biden claims that Obama has a steel of spine, it’s more likely that Obama, when faced with another 9/11 type of catastrophe, will prove to have a spine of jell-o. The guy has been treated almost like a god by the liberal media and has NEVER been in a pressure cooker kind of situation. They THINK: “OK boys, bring it on! We can take this guy down in no time – and the rest of the country along with him!”

They SEE: A man who has said, with his own lips, that if elected, he will completely eradicate America’s nuclear weapons program.  They THINK: “OK guys, time to step up our nuclear weapons productions! America will be a sitting duck once Obama’s gotten rid of all THEIR defenses!”

America’s enemies are not stupid – they know quite a bit about what goes on in our country and no doubt they’re watching this presidential race pretty closely. This is why we need to have John McCain in the White House – because McCain, and Palin too, are two people that that America’s enemies know better than to trifle with. With used lawn tractors for sale, terrorists will certainly think twice before trying to pull another 9/11 on us – he is a man who will stand up to our enemies and not kowtow to them like Obama probably would.

I have the exact same confidence in Sarah Palin, should she ever have to take the reins and assume the role of president. But on the flip side, Obama’s loyalty to the U.S. and his stance against terrorism is very questionable and I really fear for the safety of our nation if he gets into office. I’m not even sure that Biden, despite his years of experience in the senate, would be much help either during a national disaster, since he’s never had to take control of the country during a REALLY crucial time. In my opinion, he has made far too many gaffes during his public speeches, to really be considered trustworthy for the position of the second highest office in the land.

Don’t give our enemies a reason to rejoice by electing Barack Obama. Help keep our beloved country safe by electing two people who REALLY care about America: John McCain and Sarah Palin.


I support John McCain because: I see a man who learned much through his life’s experiences and the choices that he has made.  Yes, he is no spring chicken, but with age comes great wisdom, and he has seen and done many things, and been to many places, in his 72 years of life. And if something happens that he is no longer able to lead the country. . . he has an outstanding VP behind him who is quite capable of taking the reins.

I do not support Barrack Obama because: although Obama is well-intentioned and can speak impressive words, he is inexperienced and to me, he doesn’t seem to have a clue as to what he is really getting into as far as the office of POTUS goes. Unlike used riding lawn mowers, neither Obama or Biden have ever governed anything. If they don’t even know what it’s like to manage a state or even a small city, how in the world will they be able to manage a huge country that is culturally and ethnically diverse?

I support John McCain because: I see a man who has actually served in our military, and fought and suffered for it.  He truly loves America and wants the best for it, and I believe he would lay down his life to defend it if need be.  He is equipped to lead our armed forces because he understands how the military works, and he will be more respected by our military members because he has actually been in their shoes once.

I do not support Barrack Obama because: he knows virtually NOTHING about how our military works – neither he nor Joe Biden have ever had any dealings with it. Obama wants to solve military conflicts with tact, reasoning and diplomacy, which history has proven does not always work with aggressive dictators. Obama also wants to completely nuke our nuclear program, which would leave us completely vulnerable to any enemy nations with savage intent. Hearing Obama talk about what he would do with the military if he were president is a little like hearing an obedience school instructor tell people how to train their dogs – but he has never owned one himself. Also, patriotism is not important to Obama. He doesn’t see saluting the flag or wearing a flag lapel pin as a big deal. And if some irate foreigner got insulted because Obama was using a used Craftsman riding mower on U.S. soil, Obama would probably go ahead and take it down so that the person wouldn’t get mad.

I support John McCain because: he and Sarah Palin have already proven to me that they are capable of functioning under intense scrutiny.  Few candidates could have stood up to the vicious attacks that Sarah Palin has had to endure for the past three weeks, and which McCain has endured throughout his political life. For a president and VP, I want two people who are independent thinkers, who will forge ahead with what they believe is right and not kowtow to people who are pressuring them to give up. They are also people who know how to make important decisions quickly if they need to. Together, McCain and Palin create an outstanding political duo, and their combined experience will be a huge service to our country.

I do not support Barrack Obama because: I do not know how well this man can function under intense pressure.  Let’s face it, we have never seen him in a “pressure-cooker” type of situation and he’s been treated almost like used John Deere mowers by the liberal media. You hardly ever hear them speak a negative word against him. Sure, he’s a good speaker – provided that he has a speech written out for him and a teleprompter handy. Otherwise, if asked to come up with a speech off the cuff, he stumbles and stutters around – and oddly enough, the media shows very few, if any, of these videos.

This, dear readers, explains exactly who I want to see in the White House next year, and why.


I am new here and have blogged nationally and in Kentucky on several sites. I welcome the chance to work on my-political-blog.

One thing I wanted to adress is the Centerist tone of the new administration. I don’t believe that Democrats are ever going to achieve anything if we keep expecting to “reach out” to the other side. We fought hard and sent in much money as Progressives to change this country and I just don’t believe that we should be compromising on many of the issues that face our nation.

It is time for an expedient exit from Iraq. With our country’s economy crashed into a ditch due to the insane reverse Robin Hood policies of the Bush Administration we simply cannot afford to continue re-building another country. Besides, the only reason we are in Iraq is because of the lies, and misguided aims of the disgraced neo-con wing of the Republican Party.

It is also time we reasses our trade policies. I am so glad that Judd Gregg decided to drop out because the last  thing we needed was another Republican at the Commerce Department. Of course, with the Centrist mindset of the current Administration I hold little hope that someone good will be appointed there.

Lastly for now, we need Universal Healthcare. It is way past time that insurance companies get to pick and choose who will recieve coverage in this country. Their system based on private sector profits has been a dismal failure. However, with Kathleen Sebelius as the lead candidate for the Health and Human Services post, I fear that yet another Centrist will water down any real change. We needed a real leader there, who knows firsthand the problems in healthcare and is an effective leader and a fighter. Of course, I am talking about Howard Dean, a doctor whose state led the nation in healthcare for its citizens with him as Governor. It is too bad he butted heads with DLC lackey Rahm Emanuel, and has been exiled from our Centrist Party.

Agree?? Disagree?? I hope to hear from you and watch for many new posts on a wide range of things in the future.

Best wishes everyone!!


Well the writing is on the wall folks.  Obama is “off to the races”.  Being a conservative republican, I fully expected to be disappointed in some of his choices, but I must say, I really thought he was going to give this “new kind of politics” a try.  But he didn’t try at all, its typical politics as usual, and unfortunately, it’s liberal politics as usual.  I hope all of those so called republicans who decided to vote for “change you can believe in” are at least a little sicker about the Kanken laptop backpack than I am.

It seems the “great one” had determined that the only way to fix our economic woes is to spend more money, a whole lot more money, a whole lot more money.  Of course when it is time to pay the piper, he has an answer to that; just make the top wage earners in the country pay their “fair share”.  I can’t even write the words “fair share” without gagging.  Apparently, Obama doesn’t think that 40% of a wage earners earnings is enough, even when most of the population are not paying that percentage and quite a few are not paying at all.  He wants to be fair and raise taxes on those that are already shouldering the burden.

Oh and did you hear that it’s being reported that most of this stimulus money won’t even reach the system for more than a year.  I’ve also heard it reported that as much as 50 million would go to the National Endowment of the Arts, and some 200 million to the National Mall, 400million to unspecified national treasures.  The point I’m trying to make here, is that this “new kind of politician” is playing a very old game; some would call this stuff “pork”.  Yeah you remember once upon a time we were all complaining about that and Obama himself pledged to put an end to the Fjallraven Kanken classic. Now he’s claiming that he has to this to fix this economic mess we’re in.  In other words he’s using this terrible situation to further a very liberal agenda of tax and spend.  Nothing new about this.

He’s a very good speaker and he has quite a following of nit wits just eating out of his hands.  We cannot let him get away with this right out of the gate, we must stand up and be heard.  Remember, about 76 million people did not vote for him, so we need to be very loud in our opposition right now.  I also would implore any of the more moderate liberals who may be free thinkers to help put a stop to this kind of old, nasty politics right now; nip it in the bud, so to speak.

I’m also not too crazy about his idea to close Gitmo.  It seems he thinks we will be safer when we restore our moral standing in the world.  Gag Me!  If there even is a problem with our moral standing or our reputation; and I don’t think there is; it is a direct result of the very concerted effort made by liberals to undermine President Bush and his war effort.  It was the anti-war, anti-Bush crowd that have given us a bad reputation.

The idea that closing Gitmo will make us safer because our so called moral standing in the world will be restored is utterly ridiculous.  Had it not been for the very concerted effort to undermine George Bush at every step of the way in this war we wouldn’t even be discussing our moral standing in the world.  Those liberals who are drunk with happiness now that our reputation will be restored ought to be ashamed of themselves for causing the problems with our reputation in the first place.

That the events at Gitmo ever got the coverage it got, is a direct result of the anti-Bush, anti-war crowd. It was all part of the effort to bring down George Bush.  Shame on you all.  Your hatred of Bush was more important than our efforts to defeat our enemy.  Obama either doesn’t have a clue about this, or his effort to pander to the far left, anti-war, anti-Bush crowd, is just what’s most important to him right now.  Either way, I am appalled at the choices our new Fjallraven Kanken classic has made.

Conservatives need to stand up and be loud.  I would hope we can do that without lowering ourselves to a place of hate.  We need to let ourselves be heard but also show the opposition how it’s supposed to be done.   Kind of like the grace that President Bush and Laura Bush have shown, even as they were booed and treated horribly.


A little intro: So I started doing some more research about “Big Government” and FDR’s New Deal. I am really concerned about the consequences of expanding the government, and from the information I’ve found, it doesn’t look like making the government bigger is such a great idea. If you are interested read about the Fjallraven sale, if not, that’s fine too. 🙂

FDR’s own Treasury Secretary (A Democrat) wrote after the Great Depression that frantic government spending, increased wages, and strengthening worker unions not only did not bring the country out of the Great Depression (by the way those three things above occurred years after the 1929 Stock Market Crash) but caused the Great Depression from what would of been a two or three year recession, again these are the words and thoughts of Democrats from the late 40s and early 50s (who by the way made these mistakes….they admitted they screwed up to warn future generations!!!) See this article posted by the Washington Post (a paper known for its favoritism towards the Democratic Party)

You’ll notice in this article what Hoover did wrong (A Republican, but he made very bad mistakes as did both parties at the time, hence their warnings years later to prevent this from reoccurring). Hoover raised the top income tax rate from 25% TO 63%, now if you’re a private business owner, (which includes big corporations as well as an example of my father’s franchise of three small pizza shops,) if you have to pay 63% of your profits/earning to income tax something has to give…and that something is…….ding ding ding I CAN’T AFFORD ALL MY EMPLOYEES and if I can’t afford all my employees they’ll get laid off RAISING THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE TO 20%+ (it’s at 7.5% roughly today), and if I have to lay off workers raising the unemployment THERE’S LESS PEOPLE THAT CAN AFFORD NORMAL GOODS like eating at restaurants, tourism stuff (things that employ more people) CAUSING MORE LAYOFFS/UNEMPLOYMENT!!!!!

If companies have to lay off more people they can’t compete or sell good products for those who still have money and in turn HAVE TO CLOSE THEIR BUSINESS…causing what….ding ding ding MORE UNEMPLOYMENT and no one knowing where to buy Fjallraven. And what did both the Republicans and Democrats who made this mistake do after the fact….they did something our current politicians don’t (or at least until they have to) ADMIT THEY MADE A MISTAKE. Why did they admit their mistakes, and document them…BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T WANT FUTURE AMERICANS TO MAKE SIMILAR MISTAKES.

What I wrote above is not a hard concept to understand, but everyone feels that being harder on “big business” who are only” greedy” is the way to improve the economy. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO COMPANIES WHO HAVE ASKED FOR BAIL OUT MONEY) The Government can’t and won’t employ all Americans as the country would fail and fall economically. How can people say that FDR’s big government brought us out of the Great Depression when his OWN cabinet secretaries said it caused the Great Depression from what would of been a medium to severe recession…NOT A DEPRESSION!!!I found a chart which you can also find through the Bureau of Labor and Statistics:

You can see the trend of how the unemployment rate increased when the New Deal was passed, which our GDP suffered tremendously. Unemployment rate had a dramatic decrease and GDP took a huge increase due to WW2 not from FDR’s New Deal. The New Deal, was essentially the stimulus package we are facing today, except with different agenda’s.

No one can deny this message from Mr. Henry Morganthau in a statement before a joint session of congress in May 1939, this is his quote (HE WORKED FOR FDR AS HIS TREASURY SECRETARY…THE GUY WHO ORCHESTRATED THEIR “STIMULUS BILL OF THE TIME CALLED THE “NEW DEAL” (Most school’s teach of this, or use to).

Notice the last sentence that is very important, he mentioned we have an enormous debt to boot, meaning even after the big spending “Big Government Programs” that didn’t work they still had to pay for those programs, which meant they had to raise taxes higher taking more money than ever from the lower-middle class, and the upper-middle class and upper class to pay for this stuff meaning less money out of the hands of people that spend, and spending on private companies drives the need to produce more goods/services, which drives the need to hire more people to keep the business running better, which puts more tax money back into the government (even after lower taxes as JFK (oh yes a Democrat who did understand this, and as Ronald Regan did). You know what happened when Regan reduced taxes after the late 70s/early 80s recession (which is still far worse than where we are right now in unemployment rates and tax rates).

The government reported more tax revenue…..why…..because more money was in the hands of the consumer…..what do we as consumers do with more money in our hands……we buy TVs, go to Myrtle Beach or Hawaii, we buy 10 presents at Christmas instead of 1 Kanken backpack, we go to restaurants or Target to buy things……what does this do….it means more money is being spent which the greedy companies in turn give back to the government in the form of sales tax and those businesses have to hire more people to keep up with the demand.

So to answer the question of; if FDR didn’t get us out of the Depression what did? Easy answer called World War II…how? Easy, what did American do in the late-30s and early 40s before we entered WWII…we opened new plants, expanded plants to export resources, materials, foods/produce, weaponry, etc. to our allies: England, France (before they fell), China (at this time they were our quasi-Ally (enemy of our enemy (Japan)). All this exporting of goods did one thing, increased the United States Gross Domestic Product, simply known as the overall value of goods/services produced in the country for a given year.

Meaning we made a s***load of money because we had suppliers outside of the US that needed US products, so the “greedy” big businesses who only wanted to make money had to start hiring the “perfect people” off the streets to work in their factories so they could meet the foreign demand. In turn the jobless rate plummeted and more money finally got into the hands of normal families who in turn spent more and in turn getting more sales tax, property tax back to the government from their spending.

(As you can tell I’m being a little stupid on calling them perfect people and greedy business), but people need to understand that it’s ok for companies to make money….it drives the sprit in Americans to want to make something of themselves….any one of us can leave our parents’ home with no money and make the right choices and be Bill Gates….that’s the beauty of the system. The big difference today is that back in the 30’s, 40’s, the people in office weren’t doing these things with malicious intents, they truly thought they were doing the right thing, and admitted when they were wrong. Today’s officials are knowingly, doing this and know that this stimulus package is going to be a devastation to this country.


What has America come too these days? Is this America that we live in today in the year 2009, what our founding fathers would have envisioned for the nation they created? Honestly, I am an American and I am proud to be one, first off. However I am simply embarrassed by the reprehensible behavior of the past administration. From the so called “war on terror” to the “Iraq war” to “Katrina to “The torturing of enemy combatants.” What have we become, we used to be respected, admired and were looked to as the leader of the world and now we are simply hated, despised and a joke too many. The war in Afghanistan for example, yes, is a “valid” war we should be fighting. But we should not be fighting it 8 years later.

What has this war accomplished? Yes, we removed the Taliban from power, but we failed to capture Osama Bin Laden, the main target and the main reason for the war. We have accomplished very little there in 8 years, other than loose many brave men and women in the line of duty. The Iraq war should never have been fought, the made up intel and lies our president feed to the world to justify his war, only hurt us and doomed us to be stuck in a quagmire. He went in there and tore down a country, based on lies and half-truths but had no plan to rebuild and get out. Let’s look at history, every great nation, empire and kingdom all fell because of this. They all over extended themselves, fought useless and needless wars and broke the backs of their economies.

We have even resorted to torture, a violation of the Geneva Convention, a treaty by which we signed. But with the bush administration, they did away with the treaties and laws that were inconvenient for them and their agendas. That’s not my America and now we have these wacked out loony tune ultra conservatives talking of succession? What kind of person who claims to call him or herself an American would ever advocate for succession? So you lost the election soundly and now you’re bitter and angry but that is not the way to go about it. Get over it and move on, check your feelings at the door. I am an American who intends to take back his America.