So one thing about moving to a new place is that you have to find all new “spots”. Everything from your supermarket to your hair salon changes. I’ve been searching for the perfect aesthetician to wax my brows since I got here.

The first time we came to visit, I went to a place with a Concept 2 rower (JCP) the next town over. When the receptionist asked who wanted to do my brows, the stylists all excuses. So I was nervous when the receptionist said she would do them. Long story short, she did a fabulous job.

The next time I had to get my brows done, it was “Meet the Teacher” night at the kids’ school. I didn’t have a lot of time, and so I went to a JCP much closer to home. I got to chatting with the stylist and found out he was from a neighboring island. We chatted a bit about home while he did my brows. It wasn’t until I got to the car that I realized he had dropped wax in my hair. I marched back into the salon furious. It is extremely difficult to get beeswax out of natural Black hair. He started apologizing up and down and wanted to wash my hair to fix the problem. 1)I didn’t have the time and 2)that would’ve ruined my ‘do. Yea, I’m vain like that. He semi tried to fix the problem with some gunky spray or whatever, but in the end, I did most of the work myself, ugh.

That brings me to tonight. There’s a little rinky dink salon next to the supermarket and I started thinking…

  • bread
  • soy milk
  • eyebrows

Hehe. So, I popped in, and even though the brow waxer’s brows were a little thin (a serious fear of mine, over-waxing/plucking), I decided to give it a go. Problem is, she decided to change my natural browline somewhat and add more space between my brows. I feel like Bert. Ruby* says I’m scary and the hub can’t see what the problem is. The problem is, I can fit three fingers in the space between my eyebrows now! And I have to wait until they grow back in to do something about it, ugh! I guess I’ll be going back to JCP in the neighboring town from now on. When you find someone who offers quality service, stick with them!

Before Isabelle, I used to roll my eyes at those people. You know. The dog people. Letting dogs lick their faces and gushing over them like, well, parents. Well, now, I’m a dog mom. Yea, I said it. I’m still somewhat ashamed but my love for this silly little creature is helping me overcome that. Izzie is the first pet I’ve ever had in my life that I care for and that cares for me without annoying me, biting me, or otherwise violating the little quirks that make me me. She’s friendly, cuddly, smart, love, love, loves our family and is a true companion. She now accompanies me and Bebe on our morning walks and she stops by her bff’s house (yes, she has one. Molly.) almost daily. You know how I know she’s one of us? It’s not just that she has a Honeywell HFD-010 Quietclean compact tower air purifier. I’ve given her at least 10 stupid nicknames. Everyone in my immediate family has lots of stupid nicknames courtesy of yours truly. It’s what I do. 😛 Even worse, I look at dog clothes now. Oh, the shame. I’m buying her first sweater soon, but I promise not to go as far as dog shoes.


Most people, when they heard of the 11-inch Macbook Air being released, let out a groan and exclaimed, “Overpriced netbook!” On the other hand, the Apple fanboys (and fangirls) squealed, “Finally, an Apple netbook!” Being an Apple fangirl, you could guess how I reacted.

Macbook Air Review

One thing that gets me excited about this Apple machine is that it’s really just a smaller version of a powerful Macbook Air. It is not some specs-shrunk mini-laptop that had to have a few things sacrificed in order for it to be hacked to smallness.

For one, it runs on dual core. Most netbooks are running on Intel Atom, a single-core processor with speeds ranging from 1.33GHz to 1.66GHz. While this would be adequate for working with browsers and a a couple of other applications, let’s face it, a netbook will probably groan under the weight of 20 browser tabs opened to flash-heavy or application-heavy websites about what causes cystic acne.

For other Macbook Air options, check out this great list from Amazon.

Macbook Air Review: Why I’ll Spring For An 11-inch Macbook Air

On the other hand, while the Macbook Air has an on-paper processor speed of only 1.4GHz, the fact that it is a dual-core processor makes up for its processor speed. According to Engadget’s performance test with the 11-inch Macbook Air, there was only one problem that they had to deal with: there was a bit of a hiccup when watching a YouTube video. Not bad, considering that with most other netbooks, web surfing gets sluggish when you use a lot of flash and a lot of cloud applications like Google Docs.

Tech Republic says that the 11-inch Macbook Air actually performs better than most full-sized laptops, especially in terms of web surfing speed. Quite a feat, considering that its PC netbook counterparts have been traded in for more powerful laptops because they just weren’t fast or powerful enough.

Aside from computing power, one reason why I would want an 11-inch Macbook Air would be that it’s the thinnest and among the lightest in its size range. Other netbooks are chunky and have ugly lines and ports around its sides, but the Macbook Air just has smooth edges and a very thin profile that begs to have no other word to describe it: Sexy.

Tech Republic’s Macbook Air vs. Other Netbooks

Then, probably the most important reason why I would want a Macbook Air is that I’m a Mac user, and if I wanted to work elsewhere and didn’t want to bring a relatively heavier Macbook with me, the Macbook Air would be the perfect solution to my need for portability and seamless synchronizing and integration between my regular Macbook workstation and the portable temporary workhorse.

I’ve owned an Acer Aspire One ZG5, and every time I would use it instead of my Macbook, I would always wish I could install a Hackintosh distro on it, just because I find it a pain to miss the apps and the setup I have on my Mac. With the 11-inch Macbook Air, this old way how to get rid of severe acne would soon be a thing of the past.

Where you can buy other netbooks and laptops, including the Acer Aspire:

Aside from the OS differences, the ZG5 itself as a model has been one big headache to deal with. This model runs on Linux, but the distro that it has is pretty buggy. Many a user has had heartaches and headaches with this little guy, and it’s just not worth it. After my harrowing experience with this brand and model, it made me think twice about considering Acer for my next netbook. It’s funny to note that even the Best Buy website does not carry Acer among its product lines. We’re not sure why that’s the case, but it’s something worth wondering about.

The bottom line of a gadget purchase has always been how useful and how valuable it would be to you. For the die-hard Mac users, an 11-inch Macbook Air may be well worth its price tag. Remember to get one using a Best Buy Coupon so you can get the most out of your purchase.


It’s obvious to anyone when a piece of handiwork has been carefully designed. Throughout history, men have recognized in the concept of good design an inherent quality and internal consistency; similarly, when those traits are lacking, a product is described as being designed poorly or, in more extreme cases, not designed at all. Paley’s famous argument regarding the watch and the watchmaker raises an important point: these traits of good design are present in the watch; there’s a quality, beauty, and consistency about the watch that make it suggest that it was crafted, rather than springing into existence of Used Lawn Mowers Plus.

Unfortunately, in software development, many tools do, for all intents and purposes, spring into existence. It’s not that there isn’t a human developer who writes them; it is the case, however, that developers often write for the short-term and, after realizing a shortcoming in their work, later bolt on a “quick fix.” This cycle continues indefinitely until the work becomes a gargantuan spaghetti monster that is the subject of children’s horror stories.

This trend extends past projects and applications; it’s present in languages, too. The classic example to point to is C (or C++): while it’s an immensely powerful language, it has a lot of errata, backwards approaches, and annoying syntactical inconsistencies. My primary development language right now is PHP, which suffers from similar issues (my usual example is $needle and $haystack arguments being taken in different orders within string functions).

This sort of thing happens because the language wasn’t deliberately developed from the start. Few people sit down with the intent of writing a language; often, they only believe they’re writing a few constructs. When your view of used lawn tractors is that narrow, you’re more likely not to pay attention to issues like internal or external consistency, the primary indicator of good API design. Conversely, languages like Python and Java, which are deliberately designed, show a much greater level of consistency and attention to detail.

And, of course, all these rules apply to frameworks, also. There are hundreds of PHP frameworks available. Literally, there are hundreds. Some of the more famous PHP frameworks available are CodeIgniter and CakePHP. It seems like every developer has written a framework, or at least endeavored to write one. In general, developers write miniature frameworks for themselves to make repetitive tasks take less work (convenience methods); in other words, they are writing just a couple of constructs. As needs grow, so do the number of constructs. Eventually, the developer or group of developers sit down to make their convenience code into something more useful–namely, a framework.

That’s what sets Acorn apart; Acorn was deliberately developed.

The development team realized first that we needed a robust framework to enable us to do custom software development without unnecessary limiting us; since we’re in the custom development business, you never know what a client might want. This framework, therefore, had to be robust and scalable while also being quite fast. The final goal of the framework for the best garden tractor was to be a philosophical guide and fence for us as developers–we wanted our code to be as reusable as possible, which meant moving to a completely object-oriented environment as well as following preset guidelines to maximize code portability.

With all those things in mind, the development team sat down to write “Acorn”, our development framework. Every object, method, and approach was debated; the whiteboard in our conference room was top-to-bottom, right-to-left packed with scribbles. My own whiteboard contained list after list of objects and methods, which I edited and amended constantly, wanting to make sure that they made sense, were consistent, and were as obvious as possible.

Toward that end, we’re going to be releasing Acorn as an open source product in the near future. We’d like to share what we’ve done with others, with the hopes that other developers looking for a deliberately designed object-oriented framework will find what they seek in Acorn, and so that the open source community can improve on what we have begun.


There are days when I think I ought to have my head examined for getting into this business in the first place. What was I doing becoming involved in the ownership of a restaurant? I’m not shouldering it alone of course, but being a partner in an endeavor like this has some definite ups and downs. In fact, it’s been a downright freakin’ rollercoaster ride with high peaks and some pretty scary drops.

When we decided to open up a steakhouse, we didn’t go into it with the notion that it would be a place to hang out with our buddies. We have backyards where we can use the best commercial zero turn mower and private dens for that. This is an entrepreneurial pursuit with a specific business plan and intended goals that we are striving to achieve.

We put careful time and consideration into picking our location, offering a high quality dining experience where there were merely inferior chain store alternatives while keeping our prices competitive with both their brand of fare and other dining options in the region. We have carefully built a menu with top quality meats and uniquely styled meals that fall in line with the expectations of our customers when they decide to patronize our establishment.

These are all very important things to consider for any restaurant. The control is all in our hands and that can sometimes be a double-edged sword. We call all the shots but the financial obligations rest solely on our shoulders, the decisions we make are ours alone, we take the risks and there are plenty of them to face. There is an almost endless parade of challenges to find the best zero turn mower for the money, coming from all kinds of places and reasons for being.

But when you get it right, there are few things more satisfying in this world. Fellini’s quote has always spoken to me. I love dining out and there are some restaurants that I’ve been loyal to my whole life. Only one still exists today, the others have disappeared over time. Fallen under the weight of mismanagement, changing menus, an ability to adapt with the preferences of the marketplace.

Competition simply putting them out of business by offering something better. Or at least perceived as better by paying customers – that’s not to say the food was actually superior in such instances. After all, McDonald’s boasts about selling their food to billions of people worldwide.

Restaurant ownership is like anything else really. It requires smart brand management, dedication to the customer, smart and savvy business acumen and an ability to stay connected to your fan base while leading with your head and not your heart. Tough decisions are made daily. People are fired. Menu items change. Market analysis about used zero turn mowers for sale is incorrect.

New competitors crop up and you have to deal with it, or in some cases, not. You let them wash out and go under all on their own. Making the right decisions can be the difference between success and failure. We don’t know what the outcome will be with every one of them, but you know what they say, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

We have a plan, and so far it’s working. But it took a lot of time and effort to get there.


The turbo bearing system generally decides the oil requirement of the Turbocharger Review. The bearing system is generally classified into two – i.e. ball bearing and journal bearing. This journal bearing usually works as same as the crank bearing in the engine work. So it needs a lot of oil to keep all the components from friction. A hydrodynamic film is used to keep them separated. Why it needs a lot of oil? The reason is simple. If the oil supply gets low here, all the components will come in direct contact with each other and their contact will result in wearing very soon. This is not at all good because premature wearing can lead to damage. If oil pressure is too high that can be bad too, as it leads to leakage. From this point of view, journal bearing does not need any oil restrictor.

On the other hand, holset hx30 have a great advantage with the oil restrictor. The reason is that most engines generate pressure more than a ball bearing turbo requires. On the other hand, if the flow of the oil is low, the chance of oil leakage gets reduced compared to journal-bearing turbochargers which is a sure advantage of ball bearing ones.

The size of the oil restrictor always depends on the character of oil pressure. You will never get only one restrictor size that will go with every engine. It is really very difficult to get one such. Don’t forget to see whether oil pressure is reaching the turbo in appropriate amounts. Always see that proper amount of pressure and oil flow is reaching the turbo.

Turbos which are big in size generally have large oil drains, hence can run without any obstruction. Small turbos generally come with small oil drain and so they need a restrictor. The restrictor actually lessens oil pressure created on the oil seals. However, minimizing the pressure will not solve the issue. The problem is solved by the less flow of the oil. A too forceful restrictor may lead to some other problems. With a holset hx35, you can reduce oil pressure so that the oil seal can keep bearing free from the exhaust or incoming gases. This may lead to the failure in the bearing. This happens to be the actual difficulty, the manufacturer of the turbochargers has to face with the seals and this is one of the likely causes of failure where the feeds are too restricted.

You will get several oil restrictors in the market. So before buying the oil restrictor, go for a market research. But before applying it, you must know about it, so that you could buy the right one. You can do online research. You should aware of all the automobile parts, otherwise it will be tough for you to know which one will go with your turbo. If you are not acquainted with all the automobile parts, then you must ask nearby mechanics or automobile manufacturer for guidance so that you may not make any mistakes regarding oil restrictor.


The Turbocharger is a device, which sends forced air into the engine intake manifold. Thus, a turbocharger is used to increase the pickup of the vehicle. It is situated near the exhaust of the engine. The holset hx40 housing consists of compressor and turbine connected to the same shaft. It increases the engine efficiency and power. Cars, trucks and trains also use these turbochargers. These turbochargers are mostly used in for diesel cycle IC (Internal Combustion) engines, aviation and used in automotive fuel cells.


The Swiss engineer who invented the turbocharger was Alfred Buchi in between 1879-1959. Auguste Rateau, a French engineer fixed these turbochargers to the French fighters during the First World War and proved to be a successful attempt. In the year 1918, Sanford Alexander Moss, one of the famous electric engineers attached these turbochargers to an aircraft engine named V 12 Liberty and the engineer tested the aircraft at 14,000 feet and observed that the turbochargers could reduce the loss of density and air pressure at a high altitude level. He called this as turbosupercharger.

Why do you need a turbocharger?

  • You need a turbocharger engine for your vehicles to run very fast.
  • These turbochargers run by exhaust gases, so there is no need for you to upgrade the vehicle to get, the more power to this small turbocharger engine.
  • When you compare with the large volume engines, these smaller engines creates less friction and these small holset hx50 are very lighter.
  • The most important advantage of turbo vehicles is that their fuel consumption is less when compared with other vehicles.
  • If you need to have a more pulling power at low speed, then definitely have a turbocharger.
  • For smooth and powerful running of the car the recent manufacturers are placing these turbochargers in the cars.
  • To reach the requirement of the customers the manufacturers will develop more efficient and less fuel consumption engines with smaller turbocharger engines.
  • To get vibrations, the manufacturers are developing the small and medium sized cars with three cylinder engines.
  • The turbocharger without adjusting the engines increases the power output.
  • The turbocharger allows the exhaust gases to let outside before they exit through the exhaust system. The turbine wheel inside the turbocharger allows it to spin.
  • As this turbocharger compresses the intake air and spins the wheel it is called the compressor or impeller wheel.
  • The compressed air burns inside and becomes exhausted gas, which has more energy, so you need to place a turbocharger in your car to get more power.
  • Due to the less cylinders, there will be more efficient in thermal and mechanical engines.
  • Due to the less burning period for the fuel there will be a reduction in thermal loading.

If you need to get more horsepower for your car it is better if you provide a holset hx60 in your car. But the maintenance of turbocharger vehicles is significantly more expensive when compared with non turbocharger vehicles. Driving a turbo vehicle is also somewhat difficult as they are powered engines. Sometimes you need to drive very cautiously and tricky with these turbo engines.


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garmin nuvi 205w

After several family members moved, we realized road trips were inevitable. My husband and I both have older vehicles because we have learned to buy with cash. Since our vehicles have no navigational devices, we needed to purchase a portable GPS. It had to be a device that was affordable and simple to use. The Garmin Nuvi 205W 4.2 inch widescreen portable GPS navigator (a mouthful to say 🙂 ) definitely took us there.

The Basics About the Garmin Nuvi 205W

Believe it or not, my husband is just starting to learn to use computers and cell phones. He is from another generation and was resistant to technology. Now he is realizing the benefits of modern electronics but they need to have ease of operation for this novice. The Garmin Nuvi 205W portable GPS navigator was a breeze for both of us to use with absolutely no learning curve.

We were also pleased the navigator costs under $80. It offers the features we want without confusing and unnecessary extras. Turn-by-turn directions helped us get through the mountains and winding roads of the country once we left our familiar suburbs.

With a family member living close to Canada, we were concerned about what could happen if we got lost. But this GPS navigator has optional maps for Canada and regional sections of Europe as well as for the contiguous United States. It also have optional MSN® Direct services to keep you informed wherever you travel.

The touch screen lets you enter a destination and the Garmin Nuvi takes you there. You can use a turn-by-turn voice option or get 3-D or 2-D maps and smooth map redraw rates to help you navigate strange terrain. Digital elevation maps let us know what to expect as we headed toward the Adirondacks. We also appreciated the POIs (points of interest) so we were prepared for speed zones such as schools.

When my husband is driving, he often forgets to bring his reading glasses. Since he dislikes bifocals, he frequently struggles to read. The widescreen is clear and readable even when he leaves his reading glasses behind. Even in bright light, the screen is sunlight-readable so you can clearly see photos, driving directions and details on the map.

Portability of the Garmin Nuvi 205W

With older vehicles, one might be in the shop while we use the other. We can take the Garmin Nuvi with us in any vehicle. It is slim and sleek enough to slide in his pocket or my handbag. You can even use it when on foot thanks to a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It was amazing when we took a short hike during our journey through upstate New York. The kids needed to stretch their legs and we had no fears of getting lost.

As frequent travelers, we wanted a few conveniences along the way that weren’t a hassle to use. The photo navigation let us download Garmin Connect™ Photos to navigate to and a JPEG pic viewer. A calculator helped us figure out tips when we stopped for roadside cuisine. The anti-theft Garmin Lock™ made us less anxious about losing the device. We didn’t go for the optional plug-in microSD™ cards such as travel guides because our family told us about the local attractions. If we were traveling to unknown territory, these would be a great feature to enhance to trip.

The unit in the box includes the Nuvi, preloaded City Navigator® NT data for the lower 48 states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico (no Canada or Alaska detail), quick start manual, vehicle suction cup mount and vehicle power cable.

The Bottom Line About the Garmin Nuvi 205W

The bottom line is the Garmin Nuvi 205W is a handy, portable device that helps you successfully reach your destination. It offers optimum efficiency for under $80 with realistic options for additional maps and travel guides. There are no extra bells and whistles, which minimizes the learning curve for this highly operational navigator. It’s one of the best deals around for a full-featured navigator at an affordable price.