Introducing a New Cat to Other Cats


How many times you have heard that cats are like a family and they treat each other with love. Now when you hear this, you introduce a new cat in the house and you get goosebumps when the old cats don’t welcome the new cat and start fighting with him. The problem is that your approach is wrong. Introducing a new cat to other cats requires time and patience. If you want to know about how to introduce a new cat to other cats, then read this article.

Steps To Introduce a New Cat to other Cats:

The following steps will guide you about how to introduce a new cat to other cats:

First of all, you need to set up a safe room for the new cat. This will give him time to get to know the surrounding environment. It’s difficult to introduce a new cat to the surrounding cats, so first of all, give space to the cat by building a sanctuary room for him. The sanctuary room can be any separated room with food, litter box, toys and water. If the new cat is timid, then keep the cat carrier in the room so that the cat’s own scent provides him comfort. With too much chaos, you may need to read up on how to get rid of cat urine smell.

When it’s meal time for the cats, you can take this opportunity to familiarize the new cat with other cats. You need to get the cats to like each other. You can’t just keep them away and then suddenly expect them to form a bond. You should feed the cats with bowls on both sides of the sanctuary door. Keep the distance up to 6 feet in the start. Then slowly reduce the distance until the two bowls are exactly on the opposite sides of the door. This will make the cats familiar with each other scents.

Now introduce the cat to the rest of the house and confine the other cats to another room. This will help the cat to familiarize itself with the scent of other cats without coming in direct contact with them. Why is my cat peeing everywhere? Often it’s over a territorial dispute. You can also interchange the sleeping places of the cats at night.

The next step is to open the door of the separated room slightly so that the new cat sees the other cats. But make sure that there is a safe distance between the two, so that none of them feels threatened. You can also offer tiny amounts of foods to the cats so that the cats see each other while eating.

Now open the door fully and let the cats interact with each other. Monitor the new cats’ first reaction. Some cats will show aggressive behavior and some will show fearful behavior. If these behaviors are intense, separate the cats and start from the first step. If a fight breaks between the two cats, throw a towel and make a loud noise to separate the cats. Hopefully you don’t have a problem with cat peeing on bed.

Keep on trying to make the encounters between the cats fruitful. If one cat seems freezing or staring at other cats, introduce some toys nearby to the cat to distract his mind. This will also teach the cat that good things can happen when two cats mingle with each other.

Most people overlook these steps but you shouldn’t do that. Follow these steps to welcome a new family member in the house.

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