The Centrist Tone


I am new here and have blogged nationally and in Kentucky on several sites. I welcome the chance to work on my-political-blog.

One thing I wanted to adress is the Centerist tone of the new administration. I don’t believe that Democrats are ever going to achieve anything if we keep expecting to “reach out” to the other side. We fought hard and sent in much money as Progressives to change this country and I just don’t believe that we should be compromising on many of the issues that face our nation.

It is time for an expedient exit from Iraq. With our country’s economy crashed into a ditch due to the insane reverse Robin Hood policies of the Bush Administration we simply cannot afford to continue re-building another country. Besides, the only reason we are in Iraq is because of the lies, and misguided aims of the disgraced neo-con wing of the Republican Party.

It is also time we reasses our trade policies. I am so glad that Judd Gregg decided to drop out because the last  thing we needed was another Republican at the Commerce Department. Of course, with the Centrist mindset of the current Administration I hold little hope that someone good will be appointed there.

Lastly for now, we need Universal Healthcare. It is way past time that insurance companies get to pick and choose who will recieve coverage in this country. Their system based on private sector profits has been a dismal failure. However, with Kathleen Sebelius as the lead candidate for the Health and Human Services post, I fear that yet another Centrist will water down any real change. We needed a real leader there, who knows firsthand the problems in healthcare and is an effective leader and a fighter. Of course, I am talking about Howard Dean, a doctor whose state led the nation in healthcare for its citizens with him as Governor. It is too bad he butted heads with DLC lackey Rahm Emanuel, and has been exiled from our Centrist Party.

Agree?? Disagree?? I hope to hear from you and watch for many new posts on a wide range of things in the future.

Best wishes everyone!!

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