The Entanglement of Touch


Norah pulls up how to deliver a baby on her phone (technology, it’s wonderful isn’t it???). As she helps deliver the baby, Preggers finally realizes that Norah’s a female. She’s surprised of course, but bam, Preggers has a baby girl. Back at the hospital, Subway Doctor is still searching for that donor. Young Sean Patrick Thomas comes in telling him to hurry up, he’s going to miss the 8:00 train. Subway Doctor says he can’t leave until his work is done. The urgency of Subway Doctor’s situation is given, he’s leaving the next morning. I guess he really does need to hurry up if he wants to get Subway Girl’s number to a Daytona Beach wedding photographer.

Not Preggers is thankful for Norah helping her deliver her baby but states that because the way Norah behaved, she cannot ride into the city with her, it is haram. Norah is all like, “Bitch, I just helped deliver your baby!”, but her father rides away with Not Preggers and tells Norah that her cousin will be sent to pick her and her friend up. Some people are just so ungrateful aren’t they?

Martin has found the bus guy, he’s learned the Bible verse and now he wants to know what it means to the guy. He tells Martin that it’s because they were at “war”, they were killed in the name of his country. The man tells Martin that some of the guys he worked with couldn’t bring themselves to kill the children so they were sent to Canada to be protected. This confirms for Martin that Marisol’s, a.k.a. Gunsy’s, brother is still alive.

Martin runs back up to the hospital and talks to Teller’s daughter asking about Marisol. He sees the donor list logo, which happens to be the same logo as the one Jake showed him. He is able to piece together that the donor on the list is Marisol’s brother. He finds her and tells her that her brother is still alive. Unfortunately, her father was killed but in the scheme of things it could have been much much worse (weird rationalization, but whatever) seeing as how her brother wasn’t killed as well. He talks her into being a donor. This frees up Subway Doctor who bolts out of there, however, in his rush he realizes that he doesn’t have the right bag. As he walks home, he runs into Subway Girl and offers her his umbrella. He introduces himself as Sammy and they begin to talk to Kari Janesko Photography on the phone.

Back at the institution, Martin comes to see Jake. Hopkins comes in and tells Martin that it is looking likely that the State will be taking Jake away. Martin attempts to tell her that Jake is communicating with him, but all she does is give him grief about Jake not getting the care he needs. Back at Norah’s, her father is in the process of negating on the proposed marriage when the proposed suitor’s father tells him that his son has already found somebody, yes, that’s right…Norah was set to marry Sammy, who is now with Subway Girl.

The episode ends with the Daytona Beach photographer listening to a tape of his late wife singing a lullaby to Jake while Marisol visits the leukemia patient who received the transplant, Norah happy that she’s no longer arranged to be married, Teller watches an old interview of him discussing kids like Jake, and Hopkins walking by seeing Martin sitting at the edge of Jake’s bed as the tape continues to play. Jake looks over at Martin.

Pictures of Martin with baby Jake are played over the credits instead of a teaser for next week’s episode. However, an announcer does come on to say to catch an all newTouch next week on FOX.

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