Who Do You Support?


I support John McCain because: I see a man who learned much through his life’s experiences and the choices that he has made.  Yes, he is no spring chicken, but with age comes great wisdom, and he has seen and done many things, and been to many places, in his 72 years of life. And if something happens that he is no longer able to lead the country. . . he has an outstanding VP behind him who is quite capable of taking the reins.

I do not support Barrack Obama because: although Obama is well-intentioned and can speak impressive words, he is inexperienced and to me, he doesn’t seem to have a clue as to what he is really getting into as far as the office of POTUS goes. Unlike used riding lawn mowers, neither Obama or Biden have ever governed anything. If they don’t even know what it’s like to manage a state or even a small city, how in the world will they be able to manage a huge country that is culturally and ethnically diverse?

I support John McCain because: I see a man who has actually served in our military, and fought and suffered for it.  He truly loves America and wants the best for it, and I believe he would lay down his life to defend it if need be.  He is equipped to lead our armed forces because he understands how the military works, and he will be more respected by our military members because he has actually been in their shoes once.

I do not support Barrack Obama because: he knows virtually NOTHING about how our military works – neither he nor Joe Biden have ever had any dealings with it. Obama wants to solve military conflicts with tact, reasoning and diplomacy, which history has proven does not always work with aggressive dictators. Obama also wants to completely nuke our nuclear program, which would leave us completely vulnerable to any enemy nations with savage intent. Hearing Obama talk about what he would do with the military if he were president is a little like hearing an obedience school instructor tell people how to train their dogs – but he has never owned one himself. Also, patriotism is not important to Obama. He doesn’t see saluting the flag or wearing a flag lapel pin as a big deal. And if some irate foreigner got insulted because Obama was using a used Craftsman riding mower on U.S. soil, Obama would probably go ahead and take it down so that the person wouldn’t get mad.

I support John McCain because: he and Sarah Palin have already proven to me that they are capable of functioning under intense scrutiny.  Few candidates could have stood up to the vicious attacks that Sarah Palin has had to endure for the past three weeks, and which McCain has endured throughout his political life. For a president and VP, I want two people who are independent thinkers, who will forge ahead with what they believe is right and not kowtow to people who are pressuring them to give up. They are also people who know how to make important decisions quickly if they need to. Together, McCain and Palin create an outstanding political duo, and their combined experience will be a huge service to our country.

I do not support Barrack Obama because: I do not know how well this man can function under intense pressure.  Let’s face it, we have never seen him in a “pressure-cooker” type of situation and he’s been treated almost like used John Deere mowers by the liberal media. You hardly ever hear them speak a negative word against him. Sure, he’s a good speaker – provided that he has a speech written out for him and a teleprompter handy. Otherwise, if asked to come up with a speech off the cuff, he stumbles and stutters around – and oddly enough, the media shows very few, if any, of these videos.

This, dear readers, explains exactly who I want to see in the White House next year, and why.

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