Why Does a Turbocharger Need an Oil Restrictor?


The turbo bearing system generally decides the oil requirement of the Turbocharger Review. The bearing system is generally classified into two – i.e. ball bearing and journal bearing. This journal bearing usually works as same as the crank bearing in the engine work. So it needs a lot of oil to keep all the components from friction. A hydrodynamic film is used to keep them separated. Why it needs a lot of oil? The reason is simple. If the oil supply gets low here, all the components will come in direct contact with each other and their contact will result in wearing very soon. This is not at all good because premature wearing can lead to damage. If oil pressure is too high that can be bad too, as it leads to leakage. From this point of view, journal bearing does not need any oil restrictor.

On the other hand, holset hx30 have a great advantage with the oil restrictor. The reason is that most engines generate pressure more than a ball bearing turbo requires. On the other hand, if the flow of the oil is low, the chance of oil leakage gets reduced compared to journal-bearing turbochargers which is a sure advantage of ball bearing ones.

The size of the oil restrictor always depends on the character of oil pressure. You will never get only one restrictor size that will go with every engine. It is really very difficult to get one such. Don’t forget to see whether oil pressure is reaching the turbo in appropriate amounts. Always see that proper amount of pressure and oil flow is reaching the turbo.

Turbos which are big in size generally have large oil drains, hence can run without any obstruction. Small turbos generally come with small oil drain and so they need a restrictor. The restrictor actually lessens oil pressure created on the oil seals. However, minimizing the pressure will not solve the issue. The problem is solved by the less flow of the oil. A too forceful restrictor may lead to some other problems. With a holset hx35, you can reduce oil pressure so that the oil seal can keep bearing free from the exhaust or incoming gases. This may lead to the failure in the bearing. This happens to be the actual difficulty, the manufacturer of the turbochargers has to face with the seals and this is one of the likely causes of failure where the feeds are too restricted.

You will get several oil restrictors in the market. So before buying the oil restrictor, go for a market research. But before applying it, you must know about it, so that you could buy the right one. You can do online research. You should aware of all the automobile parts, otherwise it will be tough for you to know which one will go with your turbo. If you are not acquainted with all the automobile parts, then you must ask nearby mechanics or automobile manufacturer for guidance so that you may not make any mistakes regarding oil restrictor.

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